Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Inserting the Basket Strainer
1- Choose your sink's fitting drain assembly kit.
2- Disconnect the drainpipe, and if there is one, remove the current strainer.
3- Form a rope with the putty of a piece of plumber.
4- Apply the putty to the basket lip beneath.
5- Press the bucket at the bottom of the sink into the drain hole.
6- Wipe the excess putty with a cloth on the underside of the tub.
7- Match the rubber washer on the underside of the basket with the friction circle.
8- Screw the nut on the strainer of the tub.
9- To close the nut, using needlenose pliers and a basket lock.
10- Remove from the sink the excess plumber putty.

Connecting the Drainpipes
11- Attach a brass tailpiece to the basket strainer's bottom.
12- Inside the drain pipe, put a rubber compression gasket.
13- Keep the drainpipe's edge against the brass tailpiece's bottom.
14- Slide the ring of the connector on the drainpipe and secure the brass tailpiece.
15- Use a screw to secure the connection.
16- Switch on the sink for the drain check. 👋👏

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plumbing Euless TX

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How to [Clean] a Toilet with Coke

1- Measure the cup or two of the coke.
2- In the bowl, pour the coke.
3- Let the Coke sit down.
4- Flush.
5- Repeat it as needed.👏

Plumbing Euless TX

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