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How to Fix a Running Toilet

Part 1
Addressing Flapper Problems
1- Turn off the water and drain the toilet.
2- Remove the toilet tank lid and look inside.
3- Adjust the chain length if necessary.
4- Inspect the flapper for problems.
5- Clean a dirty flapper.
6- Replace a worn flapper.

Part 2
Adjusting the Water Level
1- Check the water level.
2- Determine the type of float you're dealing with.
3- Lower the float on a float ball fill valve.
4- Lower the float on a float cup fill valve.
5- Check the fill tube if the toilet runs intermittently.

Part 3
Replacing the Fill Valve
1- Shut off the water and drain the tank.
2- Disconnect the water supply line.
3- Remove the original fill valve.
4- Install the new fill valve and connect the water.
5- Attach the fill tube.
6- Adjust the float.
7- Test the fill valve.

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