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How to Fix a Running Toilet

Part 1
Addressing Flapper Problems
1- Turn off the water and drain the toilet.
2- Remove the toilet tank lid and look inside.
3- Adjust the chain length if necessary.
4- Inspect the flapper for problems.
5- Clean a dirty flapper.
6- Replace a worn flapper.

Part 2
Adjusting the Water Level
1- Check the water level.
2- Determine the type of float you're dealing with.
3- Lower the float on a float ball fill valve.
4- Lower the float on a float cup fill valve.
5- Check the fill tube if the toilet runs intermittently.

Part 3
Replacing the Fill Valve
1- Shut off the water and drain the tank.
2- Disconnect the water supply line.
3- Remove the original fill valve.
4- Install the new fill valve and connect the water.
5- Attach the fill tube.
6- Adjust the float.
7- Test the fill valve.

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Plumbing Euless TX
Plumber Euless TX 😍👏
How long does it take to replace a sewer line?
While a backpitched sewer line may need a complete replacement, which could take 3 to 5 days. The length and size of your pipes: If you have large pipes, more time may be needed to replace the pipes

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Euless Plumbers Solve All Plumbing Issues

Are you having some plumbing issues that need to be worked through before you can continue the life journey you are on? If so, then Euless Plumbers of Texas have a lot of answers that will keep you happy and satisfied. Read more below to find out what we can do for you right now in this climate.

We Care About Your Drain, Water Heater

A slow drain could be the sign of a clog. If you would like to clean out your drains today, then make sure you call up Euless Plumbers. With our drainage professionals around, you will be able to eliminate all of the blockages and cogs that are holding back your drainage. That’s a promise!
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Garbage Disposal, Toilet Leaks Repair Professionals

Is your garbage disposal stopping up? Maybe it is leaking and it’s making a huge mess underneath your sink. Whatever the case may be, you can count on our Euless Plumbers to handle this. With us on your side, never again will you have to put up with a bunch of water underneath your cabinets; we’ll repair your leaks quickly.
Toilet and sewer repair is another thing that our professionals can give you a hand with. With Euless Plumbers working for you, your toilets and septic tanks will be everything you want on your side. We’ve got numerous options if you ever find yourself lacking in the plumbing department, ya dig?

Fix Leaking Pipes, Faucets

Are you currently putting up with a leak that you hate? Maybe your faucets or pipes are leaking and now you do not want to deal with this another day. If so, then Euless plumbers of Texas have the answers that you will be able to enjoy and implement today. Read now for more information about what we can do.
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Plumber Euless TX

+ Plumber Euless TX 👏 😍 How to Fix a Running Toilet Part 1 Addressing Flapper Problems 1- Turn off the water and drain the toi...